15″ Vario 400 series Teppan Yaki

Product Description

Gaggenau 15 inch Vario 400 series teppan yaki

Roasting and cooking according to Japanese tradition directly on a smooth metal griddle provides greater accuracy than with a pan or grill. The two cooking zones of the VP 414 Vario 400 series teppan yaki are each powered by 1,500 watts, allowing food to be prepared or kept warm on all or half of the surface. Temperatures up to 240°C (464°F) can be controlled precisely. In addition, optimal heat distribution ensures gentle and low-fat cooking of vegetables, meat and fish.

Cooking zones

  • Cooking area: W 12 3/16″ x D 17 5/16″.


  • Two 1,500 W independent zones, can be operated together as a complete surface or independently.
  • Even with traces of use, always easy to clean like a cast pan
  • Warming stage.


  • Two control knobs with illuminated ring, cooking position and output marking.
  • Electronic temperature control from 240°F to 480°F.


  • Safety lock.


  • Total rating 3.0 kW.
  • Total Amps: 12,60 A.
  • Connecting cable 55 ” without plug (hardwire required).

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